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North coast music festival
I get high to block all the lows

Please I’m so inlove with you I don’t know why you won’t love me back

You said u loved me …
You promised you wouldn’t leave
I need you I really fucking do
I want to do nothing but make you happy

I wanna make love to you.

Anons can’t doe

Namaste, Sorry for being anon but if you're passionate (or just interested) about living barefoot and interested in seeing images involving natural living, hooping, yoga and body positivity. Then please check my alt-blog thedirtysoles tumblr com. This isn't another teen boho fashion blog but about trying to build a (none footfetish) barefooter community on tumblr.


Over seven fucking months . Seven.

And just like that I’m sad
I can’t help it
I know I’ll regret it tomorrow when they’re still there
I can’t take this
I need people to stop leaving my life
I just need to be happy
Why can’t i

Pretending I’m at the playa with my burners !!! :( have fun everyone be safe and burn like hell ;) I’ll make it there someday when the timing fit into what the universe wants

My photon :)


God forbid we teach the children psychology !!!

i wish the devil would have taught me all this and i wouldn’t have to pay for college